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Eyeglass Necklace Hangers   


Convertible Eyeglass Necklace Hangers Colored Glass beads and Pearl Designs

2 Necklaces in 1

All of our Beaded Eyeglass necklaces are handmade in the USA. Handcrafted Convertible Eye glass hanger necklaces are beaded to approximately 18 inches in length using nylon coated 8 strand Stainless Steel wire with stainless steel crimps. These designer necklaces are convertible to be worn as either a necklace, or a glass or pen hanger

Remove the Hanger ring, connect the 2 hooks, and wear these as a sporty Beaded Necklace

EGN 101 - Black Glass Necklace EGN 102 - Cream Pearl Necklace EGN 103 - Red Glass Necklace EGN 105 - White Opal Necklace EGN 111 - Rose Luster Necklace EGN 111 - Rose Luster Necklace EGN 112 - Green Luster Necklace EGN 113 - Purple Luster Necklace EGN 104 - Amber Glass Necklace EGN110 - Hematite Pearl Necklace EGN109 - Rose Pearl Necklace EGN 108 - Pink Pearl Necklace EGN 107 - Mauve Pearl Necklace EGN 106 -Tanzanite Pearl Necklace


EGN 101 - Black Glass, EGN 102 - Cream Pearl, EGN 103 - Red Glass, EGN 104 - Amber Glass, EGN 105 - White Opal    EGN 106 -Tanzanite Pearl, EGN 107 - Mauve Pearl, EGN 108 - Pink Pearl, EGN 109 - Rose Pearl, EGN 110 - Hematite Pearl, EGN 111 - Rose Luster, EGN 112 - Green Luster, EGN 113 - Purple Luster, EGN 115 - Sterling Silver /Raspberry Quartz, EGN117 - Sterling Silver /Onyx


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