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These gemstone beaded magnifier pendant necklaces feature high-grade, optically ground and polished glass lenses (2 inches in diameter) on a hand crafted, 36 inch beaded necklace. Each gemstone beaded magnifier pendant necklace comes with a free pouch. As always when purchasing from Amtraco 
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Swarovski Crystal Eyeglass chain  Magnifier glass pendant on beaded necklaces and chains. Each gemstone beaded magnifier pendant necklace comes with a free pouch and FREE SHIPPING

These Pendant Magnifiers are available in four styles.

M101: Black and Silver glass beaded Necklace

M102: Tortoise beaded Necklace

M103: Silver Plate Chain

M104: Fresh Water Pearl Necklace


Magnifying glass is great for reading maps, examining stamps, pictures, phone books, time tables, menus, food packages, vitamin bottles, dictionaries. In addition, crafts and hobbies often require magnification of small details to be truly enjoyable. Choose from our selection of magnifiers to help you meet everyday visual challenges.  Glass magnifier provides an excellent enlarged image  for needlepoint, crocheting, writing , reading, etc. 

Power of magnification:
The curved surface of a magnifying lens bends the light rays to produce an image of the object that appears larger than the object itself. The amount of light is bent and, therefore the degree of magnification is determined by the curvature of the lens surface. Approximate magnifier magnification is 3X

TIP: To use hand magnifiers, place magnifier on page and slowly raise till you can see the print. You may have to shorten the distance between your eyes and the magnifier.

Pendant Magnifier hangs around neck to leave hands free.
 (Free Case included) and

All Beaded Necklace Pendant Magnifiers are only $45.00 
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